• Vox Pop (Arte TV) documentary on Big Data in politics [airing January 2017]
  • Feature for IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine on predicting internal threat and the 'darkness in data'
  • Putting control of personal data back into consumers' hands, Cambridge Enterprise feature [link]
  • Ich weiƟ, wer Du bist ("I know who you are") - 1hr documentary on privacy and the all-seeing society for Arte.De TV channel [link, at 30"]
  • Big Data spotlight in the University of Cambridge Research Horizons Magazine (Issue 27, page 31) [link]
  • Telegraph print exclusive regarding research study into entrepreneurship, 9 June 2015 [link]
  • Cambridge News profile in the 'Ask an Academic' and Education section, 11 March 2015 [link]
  • Ignites (Financial Times) article on the use of psychometrics in finance [link], 2 March 2015
  • Cambridge News feature on Apply Magic Sauce, 20 Jan 2015 [link]
  • Express-TV Production 1hr-long documentary on privacy issues (in production) [link]
  • Profile and illustration by K. Damani for Cam Creatives [link]

Predictive World

Within the first 3 weeks, over 1 million people had used Predictive World to discover what our cyber-system can predict about them. We built the custom data infrastructure that powers the site, as well as gathering research papers that govern the interactions between variables and providing access to Apply Magic Sauce API. Predictive World was built in collaboration with Sid Lee Paris and Stink Digital Paris

Marketing/Comms projects

  • Marketing Experiments feature on psychologically tailored advertising, based on SPSP poster 2015 [link]
  • Quoted in PR Week press release regarding consultancy on Predictive Big Data, 12 Dec 2014 [link]

Hilton Apps (Holiday Matchmaker, Explorer & Magic Moments)

Psychology of Entrepreneurship Report (for Barclays)

Automotive Personalisation (with Nissan)


  • Quoted by on music preference and personality following Reeperbahn conference presentation [link]
  • "Shift - Living in the Digital World", feature on 10 years of Facebook [link]
  • Coverage of PNAS 'Facebook Likes' study (2013) - Kosinski, Stillwell, Graepel [link]


  • The Hilton Holiday Matchmaker App won 3rd place at the Travel Marketing Awards 2016, for 'Most Innovative Marketing Campaign'
  • In June 2014, I was shortlisted for the DataIQ Talent Awards in the 'Marketing Technologist' category