This project has attracted extensive global media coverage and inspired many editorials, documentaries and exhibits. At times it has served 150,000 unique users per day. It enables the public to engage with our academic research in a personal and informative way, and is an example of data activism insofar as we have continued to develop the tool despite big tech companies making it more and more difficult for citizens to find out what their social media data reveals about them. Recent updates include the ability to upload your data as a JSON or zip file, as a demonstration of how users can exercise their right to data portability (Art. 5 GDPR).

This tool was used 1 million visitors in the first 3 weeks spending an average of 5 minutes. We used large open data-sets from statistical organisations around the world like the WHO, OECD and UN, to build a predictive algorithm that makes predictions about users based on geolocation and social media data. Combining a database of 6.4 billion data points with Apply Magic Sauce API and our additional research on links between behavioural factors and psychological traits, the system provided a unique experience that was both visually engaging and scientifically robust. It won several awards, including a D&AD Graphite Pencil 2017 in the Digital Design/Websites category, for 'stand-out work, beautifully executed with an original and inspiring idea at its core', as well as a Gold Cube for "Data Visualisation" and a Bronze Cube for "Interactive Website" at the 96th ADC Awards New York.


This interface demonstrates how psychometric data could be used to evaluate and optimise communications campaigns (for internal demonstration purposes only)

Co-Authored Psychometric Assessments

I have helped to develop a number of personality and ability assessments with colleagues from the Psychometrics Centre. Many of these have been commissioned by clients while others we have developed in-house and published as our own products. Some examples of bespoke assessments I have co-authored are below and further information is available here.

  • Commercial Pilot Personality & Ability Assessment (15 factors) for a Norwegian pilot recruitment and training organisation

  • Resilience Assessment (4 factors) for an Australian consultancy

  • Productivity Assessment (13 factors) for Reformulary Group

  • Personality, Ability & Values Assessment (9 factors) for an Australian consultancy

  • Gut Health Assessment (10 factors) for a UK-based health and lifestyle consultancy

  • Determination Profiler (4 types) for a multinational bank

  • Hospitality Assessment (7 types) for a US airline

TRUSS Inventory: Team Role Test

(with J.Rust and D.Stillwell)

CambridgePPQ: Preference-based Personality (with R.Mills and D.Stillwell)

Hilton Holiday Matchmaker and Explorer Apps offering personalised trip recommendations

I designed and wrote the content for these digital experiences, which were awarded 3rd place at Travel Marketing Awards 2016 for "Most Innovative Marketing Campaign"

National Media Museum Online Mirror

  • This tool was developed by the Psychometrics Centre to provide an interactive and visual way of engaging with your digital footprint and psychological profile. It was covered by The Guardian, ZDNet and DesignWeek among others.

Illuminus app developed for Do-Not-Track documentary was a satirical website created for the award-winning Do Not Track documentary. Posing as a futuristic insurance company, the app used our API to predict financial, credit, social and other risks from Facebook data.


  • Concerto Platform: Open-source online adaptive testing platform

  • PreferenceTool: Psychological brand insights and targeting tool for marketing [Read: Horizons,]

  • Hilton Magic Moments: Richly tailored online experience powered by AMS, with 256 pieces of psychologically-optimised ad copy

  • Hilton Holiday Matchmaker & Holiday Explorer apps: traveller type and recommendation service using our API. Awarded 3rd place in Most Innovative Marketing Campaign category by the Travel Marketing Awards 2016


  • Over 40 tests with feedback for free + platform for conducting academic and business research

  • TRUSS Inventory: Team Role Questionnaire providing psychometric narrative and symbolic bridge-type feedback

  • CambridgePPQ: Preference-based BIG5 personality questionnaire. Showcased at Science Museum for 'Our Lives in Data' exhibit

  • myPersonality Project: The world's largest database of psycho-demographic and social media data on 6mil+ individuals

Data Visualisation