Apply Magic Sauce API: Psychological Trait Prediction from Facebook, Twitter and Text Data

This project has attracted extensive global media coverage and inspired many editorials, documentaries and exhibits. At times it has served 150,000 unique users per day.

Predictive World: Interactive Data Visualisation Using Open Data To Predict 70+ Variables

This project was awarded a D&AD Graphite Pencil 2017 in the Digital Design/Websites category, for 'stand-out work, beautifully executed with an original and inspiring idea at its core', as well as a Gold Cube for "Data Visualisation" and a Bronze Cube for "Interactive Website" at the 96th ADC Awards New York

Discover My Profile: Free Self-Assessment Platform with 50+ Tests and Detailed Feedback


This interface interrogates the myPersonality database and demonstrates how psychometric data could optimise marketing campaigns (for demonstration purposes only)

Co-Authored Psychometric Assessments

Hilton Holiday Matchmaker and Explorer Apps offering personalised trip recommendations

I designed and wrote the content for these digital experiences, which were awarded 3rd place at Travel Marketing Awards 2016 for "Most Innovative Marketing Campaign"

National Media Museum Online Mirror

Illuminus app developed for Do-Not-Track documentary was a satirical website. Posing as a futuristic insurance company, the app used our API to predict financial, credit, social and other risks from Facebook data



  • Over 40 tests with feedback for free + platform for conducting academic and business research
  • TRUSS Inventory: Team Role Questionnaire providing psychometric narrative and symbolic bridge-type feedback
  • CambridgePPQ: Preference-based BIG5 personality questionnaire. Showcased at Science Museum for 'Our Lives in Data' exhibit
  • myPersonality Project: The world's largest database of psycho-demographic and social media data on 6mil+ individuals

Data Visualisation