Vesselin Popov

Executive Director, The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre

Twitter: @VessPopov



+441223 769 322


Vesselin Popov is the Executive Director of the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, a multidisciplinary research institute specialising in online behaviour and psychological assessment. He is responsible for all strategic and operational aspects of the Centre's work including the coordination of commercial partnerships that put cutting-edge academic research into practice.

Vess is passionate about increasing the understanding and use of Big Data Psychology in business and the community and has a wealth of experience in managing complex psychometric projects. He coordinates Apply Magic Sauce, a battery of predictive algorithms that translates digital footprints of human behaviour into accurate psycho-demographic profiles. This tool has had a global impact on public awareness of predictive technologies and provides up to 150,000 users per day with feedback on their private attributes. He has also delivered several award-winning creative projects that bring the Centre's research to life in unique and engaging ways.

Vess is a Law graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge and an experienced public speaker on topics including human resources and the future of assessment, marketing and personalised advertising, privacy and artificial intelligence.