I enjoy leading big-picture discussions on the impact of Big Data on society, as well as more focused workshops on communications, data-driven strategy, privacy, security and people analytics. Please get in touch if your event or training needs align with any of these interests.

Brand & Communications

  • *Psychometrics, privacy and personalisation: essential principles for data-driven advertising (workshop), Slovenian Advertising Chamber, 14 November 2018

  • *Psychological prediction and targeting for online advertisers, Internet Advertising Conference, Prague, 5th April 2018

  • *Psychometric Personalisation: How to Make Great Content and Build Trust, Content Marketing Conference, Boston, 2-4 May 2018

  • *Rethinking personalisation with Big Data and Psychometrics, Innowave Conference, Varna, 19-21 October 2017 [link]

  • *Responsible Psychometric Optimisation: Getting Personal, in the Good Way, Consumerology, London, 12 October 2017 [link]

  • *Online psychometrics in action for automatic personalisation of digital experiences, Pisa Internet Festival, 8 October 2017 [link]

  • *Personalisation of News: Forget Media Metrics, Think Psychometrics, General Editors' Network Summit, Vienna, 23 June 2017 [link][summary][HuffPost]

  • *Bringing Personalisation to Life with Big Data Psychometrics, ENGAGE Prague, 19 May 2017 [link][slides][ME commentary]

  • *Personalising digital interactions with Big Data and Psychometrics, Data Driven Paris, 24 April 2017 [link][video]

  • *The Real Science Behind Psychological Targeting with Big Data, Days of Communication Advertising Festival, Rovinj, 30 Mar - 2nd April 2017 [link][summary]

  • *Psychological Marketing with Big Data: How It's Working Now, Content & Commerce Futures Conference, 18 May 2016 [link][feature video]

  • Social Listening Workshop, Social Media for Business Consoritum (CfBI), Paris, 10 May 2016

  • Personal Automotive: Discovering What Drives Us With Big Data, Silverstone, 25 Jan 2016

  • Sorry, the Digital You is More Interesting. Using Social Media as a Back Door into the Mind, IIeX Non-Conscious Impact Measurement Forum, New York, 10 Nov 2015 [link][slides][video]

  • *Making Sense of Big Social Data: Psychological Marketing in Practice, Mindshare Purple Day, Warsaw, 20 Oct 2015 [link]

  • *Putting Big Data in the Driver's Seat: A Look at Psychological Targeting in Action, Digital Dealer Automotive Marketing Conference, Silverstone, 15 Sept 2015 [link]

  • *Psychometrics and the Binary Brand, Middle East Brand Summit, Dubai, 2 June 2015 [link]

  • *What businesses need to know about emotions and personality on Facebook, E-Commerce Futures Conference, London, July 2014 [video]

Privacy, Security & Democracy

  • Workshop on the Methodology and Ethics of Targeting, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, 10 May 2019

  • Workshop on AI, Politics and Security in the Asia Pacific, Australian National University, 13-15 March 2019

  • Algorithms and Human Rights (panel), Estonian Institute of Human Rights Annual Conference, 9-11 December 2018 [link]

  • Datacrazia (panel), Pisa Internet Festival, 11-14 October 2018

  • Identity for Sale: Is Big Data Stealing Your Life? (panel), Brain Bar Budapest, 2 June 2018

  • *Psychometric Computing and the Brighter Future of AI, IT-Defense, Munich, 31 Jan - 2 Feb 2018 [link]

  • *A Psychometric Perspective on Online Social Engineering, Human Threat Awareness Event, Cambridge, 13 December 2017

  • *How to target your message (Researcher Workshop), Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange, 16 November 2017

  • *Protecting Privacy and Democracy in a Microtargeted World, Pisa Internet Festival, 7 October 2017 [link][video]

  • *Cyber Security & Social Engineering Summer School, Tallinn University of Technology, 11 July 2017 [link]

  • *Take Back Control: Using Big Data and Psychometrics for Good, Junior Chamber International, Zurich, 31 May 2017

  • *What we reveal to machines that know us better than humans, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague Data Security Week, 15-17 May 2017 [link]

  • *How to Wield the Data-driven, Double-edged Sword, Net Activism: Net Demagogy Panel, 12 April 2017, ZKM Karslruhe [link] [video]

  • Practical and Ethical Considerations On the Use of Digital Footprints in Research, General Online Research Summit, Berlin, 17 March 2017 [link]

  • *Choosing Machine Psychology Over Machine Intelligence, Pirate Security Conference, Munich 17 Feb 2017 [link]

  • *The Darkness in Data: Unravelling the Impact of Social Media, Big Data and Psychometrics on Privacy, Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, Darmstadt, 21 July 2016 [link][slides][interview p.76]

  • *Data for Good: Predictive Data and Ambient Intelligence, Edelman London, 26 April 2016 [slides]

  • Artificial Un-Intelligence: The Future We Do Not Want May Already Be Here, Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Law Faculty, 24 Oct 2015 [link][audio]

Big Data Analytics

  • From Curriculum Design to CAT Deployment , 4th Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Education, Beijing, 12 Dec 2020 [2:34:20" link]

  • *Big Data Psychology: How well do you know your online self?, Sektor 3.0 Online Festival Warsaw, 27-28 May 2020 [link]

  • *Artist Talk as part of "The Value of Freedom" Exhibition, Vienna Belvedere Museum of Contemporary Art, 24-25 October 2018 [link]

  • *Lecture Series on Facebook Data Analytics, Cambridge University Development Conference, 20 July-22 August 2018

  • *The Impact and Responsibility of Using Psychometrics in Big Data, Open Innovations Forum, Moscow, 18 October 2017 [link]

  • *Knowing our Digital Selves, The Conference, Malmö, 4-5 September 2017 [video]

  • *Making Sensitive the New Smart: Why Connected Things, Homes and Cities Need Psychometrics, Educational Data Mining & Applications, Beijing, 14-17 August 2017

  • *The Promise of Psychometric Analytics in Procurement Intelligence, CoE Club, Accenture Barcelona Innovation Centre, 7 March 2017 [link]

  • *Earning Digital Trust Through Personalisation and Big Data Analytics, DigiWorld Summit, Montpellier, 16 November 2016 [link][video]

  • *Psychometric Analytics: Risks, Rewards and Revolution, Driven by Data Summit, London, 22 September 2016 [register]

  • Apply Magic Sauce to Your Organisation's Data: Launch of Analytics Product with Keyrus Group, Eight Club Bank, 2 June 2016 [register]

  • *Digital Footprints on the Path to Personalised Finance, Barclays Insights Enablement, London, 1 Feb 2016

  • *Big Data Psychology: Applications in Retail, Pan Tesco Group Data Science Conference, London, June 2014

  • *How to Personalise the Live Music Industry using Big Data, Reeperbahn Festival Conference, Hamburg, September 2013

Market Research

  • *From Asking Questions to Finding Answers: The Use of Digital Footprints in Research, IPSOS MORI Innovations in Research, Istanbul, 24 May 2017 [video]

  • *Know Your Customer: Making Big Data, Psychology and Social Media Useful, Neuromarketing Conference, Antwerp, 19 April 2016 [link]

  • *How to Read Your Social Footprint, Social Media for Business Consortium (CfBI), London, 17-18 Feb 2016

  • *Who Needs to Ask a Question? Using Social Media to Predict Behaviour, Insight Innovation Exchange NA, Atlanta, 17 June 2015 [video][slides][link]

Human Resources

  • *The Pros and Cons of Digital Footprint Analysis in HR, Poolstok Community Big Data Event, Ghent, 26 February 2019 [link]

  • *Hacking HR: A Smarter Approach to Assessment in the Digital Age, Employee Engagement Forum, Dubai, December 2014 [slides]

  • *The Information Age Job Market & How to Hack Traditional HR, HRVision Event, Amsterdam, June 2014

*keynotes/plenary sessions